Internet access

We have 18 computers with high speed Internet access. Click here to open Shine21Link - Trips website.
All our computers have installed the most popular Internet browsers, communicators and other popular software. Our computers have Antivirus and Spyware protection. Our network is protected by hardware firewall. So you can surf, check you e-mail and chat with no risk!

Internet communicators installed on all our computers. 

  • LCD Screens
  • Headphones and microphones
  • Webcams
  • Chat friendly
  • Video conferencing friendly

Here is just a short list of software installed on our computers:

  • Office
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • DivX Player
  • Java
  • Real Player
  • iTunes and Quick Time Player
  • Google Earth
  • Google Picasa
  • PDF Creator
  • Cinema Player
  • Winamp
  • Smart FTP
  • 7-zip
  • ...

High Speed Internet Access:
21mn - $2.00 - (30 days to use your time)
43mn - $3.50 - (30 days to use your time)
82mn - $6.50 - (30 days to use your time)
Our Special: 180mn (3 hours) for just $9.99!
TAX is included in all prices.


Laptop Hookups Wifi Hotspot is here!

You can use your own laptop! We can connect you to our network by cable or by Wireless Hotspot.


Print, Scan, Fax, Copy

In our cafe you can:

  • print your documents (black or color) on laser printer
  • fax documents (send and receive)
  • scan pictures and documents
  • save pictures from digital camera or any memory card to CD or DVD


Phone Service

  • we sell phone cards for very cheap International and Local phone calls
  • we sell SIM cards and top-up cards (like T-Mobile, Verizon, etc.)
  • use our phones for free when you buy a phone card in our store  there is no additional fee like you have to pay when you use pay phones, you have also more minutes 10 phone lines avaiable!



We have:

  • Pool Table
  • Foosbal Table


Food Service - Subway is here!

Subway is here!
Subway is open in Summer Time.


(avaiable from 1st of June 2008)
We are official Shine21Link partner. Shine21Link Connection provides convenient, affordable bus tours to places you want to go. We have pre-scheduled tours to popular cities along the east coast. Customized tours are also available to other places of interest upon request.
Our day-tours connects you to places such as:

  • Wildwood (NJ),
  • Atlantic City (NJ),
  • New York City (NY),
  • Niagara Falls (NY),
  • Philadelphia (PA),
  • Washington (DC) and many more upon request.

Shuttle Services:

(avaiable from 10 of May 2008)
Shine21Link provides also round-trip and one-way service to airports such as: PHL, JFK, EWR, ACY and more.